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Kinloch Planned Community Richmond Virgina

In 1989, C.B. Robertson, III began the preliminary planning of Kinloch.  Concurrently, he was spending the majority of his efforts as the developer of West Creek, which he began in 1986 for the NCNB Real Estate Fund.  In 2000 he negotiated the Capital One sale of property and sold West Creek for the Fund.  He then turned his attention to Kinloch full time.


Kinloch was originally part of a 1,934-acre family owned tract, which is now home to Broad Run, Hermitage Country Club, Kinloch residential, and Kinloch Golf Club.  In the early 1970’s, Robertson was instrumental in bringing Hermitage Country Club to Goochland County while also planning Broad Run which has been a very successful low density, high end residential development. The remainder of this large tract is Kinloch, 645 acres in total which includes both the residential component and the golf course.

A 70 acre lake was constructed at Kinloch in 1992.  The lake would not only offer a layer of protection for the Tuckahoe Creek watershed but would also serve as an attractive focal point for the neighborhood and an amenity and water source for the golf course.   


Kinloch was successfully rezoned in early 1997 for an 18 hole golf course and up to 350 homes.  Being located less than a mile from Route 288 which provides quick access to anywhere in Richmond, an abundance of amenities on both Broad Street (Short Pump) and Patterson Avenue as well as it’s proximity to Hermitage and Kinloch Golf Club all make Kinloch an attractive place to live.  Furthermore, fishing and boating for resident members and plenty of walking opportunities make it even more desirable for those who enjoy outdoor activities. 


As for the master plan, Kinloch is different from many developments in that instead of maximizing housing up and down the fairways, an effort was made to keep the golf club as private as possible.  Only two fairways have adjacent lots and that is because the property was basically divided in half with the lake in the middle; golf to the east and residential to the west.

In 1999, Kinloch Golf Club was formed as a private equity club and ranked #1 Best New Private Club in America by Golf Digest in 2001.  It continues to receive widespread recognition for excellence and in February 2017 was ranked #53 in Golf Digest America’s 100 Greatest.


In 2001, Kinloch Development Corporation was formed and began to develop the residential component. There is a fine mix of quality residential opportunities throughout. Kinloch Point Lane will serve this final section where nearly every lot will offer exquisite views of the lake or Kinloch Golf Course, or both.  There are 31 lots which can now be viewed by appointment.


We welcome you to visit Kinloch and see for yourself why so many people have selected it as their home.  Kinloch will only get better as it matures.  Maintaining a long-term outlook and providing the best quality possible has been Robertson’s style of development for over 50 years.  The goal is to produce something that gets better with time, where residents are proud to live and enjoy a distinctive level of quality.  Furthermore, the Robertson family has lived in Goochland since the 1960’s with ties going back to the 1920’s.   Every effort has been made to protect and provide opportunities that compliment Goochland’s Land Use Plan while creating an ongoing asset for the community.

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