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Kinloch Lake Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 163

Manakin-Sabot, VA  23103






  • Membership will be limited to 110 Class A, B, C, and D Members.

  • To be considered a Member in good standing, you must (1) have a signed Permission to Fish/Release and Indemnity Agreement

    on file with Kinloch Lake Association, (KLA) and (2) be current on annual dues.

  • Membership will be on an annual basis unless termination occurs (see “Termination” below).

  • The KLA Board of Directors will set annual dues.

  • Request for membership must be submitted in writing to the KLA Board of Directors and either mailed to the address above or

    emailed to:

    Rules and Regulations

  • Members may use Kinloch Lake for fishing and boating ONLY in the permitted area (see Exhibit A). “Boats” are defined as jon boats, kayaks, and canoes.

  • All fishing is to be from a boat: however, bank fishing is allowed at the graveled designated access point launching area (see Exhibit A).

  • With each visit to the lake, each Member may bring one (1) guest OR each Member may bring their spouse, children, and/or grandchildren. A Member may allow up to two (2) adult guests to use their KLA card without being accompanied by the Member provided the guests are members of their family. The Guests must carry their personal identification, the Member’s current KLA card, have a signed Permission to Fish/Release and Indemnity Agreement on file with KLA and, if fishing, have the appropriate Virginia fishing licenses.

  • The Rules and Regulations of the KLA should be followed by all Members and their guests. Any Member and/or guest not following these Rules and Regulations should be reported to a KLA board member or reported by email to In the case of any non-member seen fishing, boating, or trespassing, please report this to the Goochland County Sheriff’s Department (804-556-5349) or Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Conservation Police Division (804-367-1000). Personal safety is important so let law enforcement handle trespassers. Obtain as much information as possible...vehicle and non-member description, date, time, etc.

  • Fishing/boating is only allowed between sunrise and sunset.

  • Please enter and leave the property at the designated access point launching area only (see Exhibit A). Access through Kinloch

    Golf Club or any other access point is strictly prohibited. Class A Members may access the lake from their property.

  • Please maintain a safe distance from all construction and maintenance activity as well as other construction activity on site.

  • Boats are not allowed to be pulled up on the shoreline except at the designated access point launching area (see Exhibit A).

  • Litter will not be tolerated. Members are responsible for removing litter (theirs and others).

  • Members in good standing will have a valid KLA card with them at all times while using the lake.

  • Members must adhere to all applicable fishing and boating laws of Virginia.

  • Only artificial lures may be used.

  • Members are to catch and release all fish unless requested to do otherwise by the KLA Board of Directors to maintain a healthy

    fish population.

  • Use of gas-powered motors is prohibited. Only one operating 12-volt electric motor is permissible to be used at any time.

  • The lake is to be used only for fishing and boating. Other activities such as swimming or hunting are not allowed.

  • The KLA Board of Directors reserves the right to modify the Rules & Regulations at any time. Proposed amendment, addition, or

    deletion of any rule must follow the procedures outlined in the By-laws.

  • The Declarant is not an Association Member but has boating and fishing rights.


  • Any Member who is aware of a violation of the Rules and Regulations and does not report it will be notified by the KLA Board of Directors that their membership is being reviewed and that their membership may be terminated.

  • Any Member who is past due on their membership dues OR who does not have a current Permission to Fish/Release and Indemnity Agreement on file with the KLA will be automatically dropped from the membership and promptly notified of their termination.

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